Interested in other BBR cabin rentals? 

We are private owners of Aspen House 8
.  We rent it when our family is not using it, to make it possible for others to enjoy Black Butte as we do.  And admittedly, the rent does help us pay part of our expenses.   We have been able to keep our rates low because we are not working through any rental agency and are not trying to make it business.

We set up our website to inform our guests and potential guests about our cabin.  People frequently find our website by searching on Google, Yahoo, or  a strong meta search engine such as Metacrawler.

But interestingly, if you searched Google for "Black Butte Ranch" (for example) you might have seen only our "sponsored" link, not in the regular body of indexed sites.  The reason is that Google is set up to index only those sites that are networked, i.e., linked from other sites.  The position of any site in a search is a function of the number of links to it.  This Google innovation generally relates to the value of the site.  But it is tough on those who have sites not linked by others.  There is not much incentive for competing vacation rentals to link other sites.  To increase our exposure we can also be found on the "Flipkey (by Trip Advisor)" site (see below).

We have found that referrals from and to friends who also rent at Black Butte Ranch have been mutually beneficial, because we or they may have potential guests who would like a time that is already booked. 

In that spirit, we will be pleased to add a link below to your website for a vacation rental in the Black Butte Ranch area of the Oregon Cascades. Do you have or know of other websites for BBR rentals that we should link?  We would also appreciate it very much if you would reciprocate and link our site also.  That way we can all be more readily found by those looking for a place to rent.  Thanks.

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