Welcome to Aspen House!

If Wyoming is known for anything, it’s probably steak. So whether you’re a local or a visitor passing through, it can be difficult to know where to find the best steakhouse. Look no further than Aspen House Restaurant in the small but stunning city of Rawlins.

We stand by our assertion that Aspen House has and always will serve the best steaks in Wyoming. Our ingredients are fresh and high in quality, our menu is accommodating and diverse, and our dedication to the craft of cooking is unparalleled.

Our History

Rawlins, now a town of about 10,000 residents, received its eponymous name after Union General John Aaron Rawlins made camp in the area in 1867. About 40 years later, the Victorian construction that would later become Aspen House was built.

Throughout the first 90 years of its standing, the historic home served as a number of different facilities. Originally built by a Dr. Barber in 1905 to be used as part of his medical practice, the unit was later purchased by the Brigg family and converted into a dual home-slash-law firm.

In 1995, the house was bought for a third time by Lena and James Dirck, now the Executive Chef and owners of The Aspen House.The most recent and current reboot of the turn-of-the-century abode has established the Aspen House as Wyoming’s premier steakhouse offering a truly unique, elegant yet inviting dining experience.

What We Do

In addition to entrees of Steak, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and Sirloin, we also offer a plethora of options ranging from seafood to Asian cuisine to pasta dishes. Other choices cater to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dietary needs. Upon request, we can make virtually anything your heart — and stomach! — may desire. Some of our favorites include our BBQ Cajun Ribeye Steak, Wild Mushroom Ravioli, and Shrimp Pan Fried Noodles.

But you might not want to stop there. Our dessert menu is almost as highly renowned as our steak selection. We change our desserts on a seasonal basis, using only the freshest and tastiest ingredients depending on the time of year. Whether you’re a chocoholic, a cheesecake craver, or a lemon tart lover, we’ve got sweet selections that are always changing.

At Aspen House, our unique blend of history, heart, and culinary art coalesce to add just enough modernity to complement the long history of the environment itself.

Why You Should Dine With Us

If the allure of a historical environment is what brings you in, the exquisite food will certainly make you stay!

Regardless of your dietary preferences or restrictions, Aspen House has a versatile enough menu to satisfy every visitor. If for some reason our listed selections don’t suffice, feel free to request a dish more closely aligned with your desires. We’re more than happy to whip up something special just for you.

Although Aspen House serves the finest quality food and ambiance in Rawlins, there’s no need to worry about a dress code. It’s our pleasure to serve all patrons equally with the best experience possible, whether they’re rocking jeans and a t-shirt or a full-on tuxedo. (Or a tuxedo t-shirt…we don’t judge!)

To see our full menu, contact our chefs, or order your next meal, simply visit our website or call 307-324-4787.